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Wheat Maida

  • FRESH REFINED MAIDA: To eat tasty healthy food you need to grab it from the sources which
    are authentic and reliable in your eyes and Swastik is quite confident to draw your attention
    towards their products. Swastik present organic refined wheat flour maida made up of golden
    fiber wheat kernel which is rich in protein and vitamin also purity and cleanliness are the two
    keywords which Swastik never forget at any stage of production.
  • FIBER WHEAT KERNEL: Let’s take a glance at how our pure and fresh maida is made. Starting
    with clean wheat which is conditioned and then the golden fiber wheat kernel is cracked to
    separate the endosperm from the bran that is ripened in the hot sub-tropical sun. We at Swastik
    bring to you maida which is processed by milling at four or five stages resulting in different
    composition and particle sizes and subsequent sorting results in maida flour.
  • NOURISHING DIET: Swastik presents maida which is rich protein, vitamin and dietary fiber which
    serve as a nourishing diet also it has carbohydrates and gluten which is an advantage for
    producing high-volume, soft/tender cakes with fine grain. Its high extensibility and stretchability
    are desirable qualities for a variety of Indian pastries and baked goods.
  • DELICIOUS RECIPE: Maida is used extensively in Central Asian and Southeast Asian cuisine.
    As we know India is the country of various colourful festivals with variety of mouth-watering
    cuisine and we glad to present organic maida which is used in making flat breads such as
    tandoori roti, pizza crust, cakes, biscuits and pastries also used as a fermented batter, as a sauce
    thickener and in coating fried food products.
  • STORAGE TIPS: Often notice that flour always needs a little bit of good care in storage as it
    catches lumps easily due to external air moisture or and also there might be a chance that insects
    will ruin the flour if not stored properly. As we at Swastik don't use any preservative we suggest
    you always store the pack in an airtight container in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.
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Product Description

We have been one of the largest wheat flour manufacturers/suppliers in India of Agro
Food Products. We supply wheat flour to our clients spread all over India and all across
the globe. The wheat flour provided by us is processed from technologically advanced
machinery maintaining high standards. Besides, we have also received commendations
from the clients for providing nutritionally rich wheat flour.


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