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Rajmah Chitra

In Vegetarian Indian cooking, it provides the requisite proteins for a balanced
meal.These Rajmah Chitra peas can be made into dal which is served with side dish
of vegetables, rice or flat breads, which we call as Rajmah dal. The split lentil whole
chana dal is very tasty, having the nutty flavor, easily digestible and absorbs the
flavor of other spices quickly. They take a little longer to cook than moong Dal.

  • Source of protein
  • Organically cultivated
  • High fibre content
  • Highly nutritious
  • Full of taste
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Product Description

We are one of leading manufacturing exporter of our agricultural products, which we
process and prepare in our own manufacturing units. Our products are prepared
according to the international standards and the quality is supreme in all the ways. Our
manufacturing / processing factories are running continuously since last three decades
with technology advancements and thereby quality improvement day by day under the
leadership of experienced director which made us the superior manufacturers in our
products and the market.


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