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  • No pesticides or harmful chemicals
  • Better nutrition – rich in antioxidants
  • Better taste
  • Better ecology
  • Sustainable -better planet for our children
  • Safe food
  • No water contamination
  • Good appetizer and laxative
  • Effective for cough and cold
  • Cures abdominal pain
  • Remedy for nausea
  • Pungent and bitter
  • A flavor and aroma all its own
  • Use to blend oil and vinegar for a spicy twist
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Product Description

Rai is a plant found in india, pakistan and south east asia whose seeds are used as
spice. Rai seeds are round-shaped and deep brown in colour. We brings organic Rai
seeds that have pungent and slightly bitter taste with a distinctive aroma. Rai is often
used for tadka in indian cooking. In seed form, rai is used to temper stir-fries, stews and


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