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Fenugreek Seeds is rich in vitamins and minerals, and high in protein.
We are one of leading exporters of Fenugreek Seeds from India to all around the world.
Fenugreek seeds are also an effective Anti dandruff treatment and other scalp diseases and
good for hairs as well.

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Product Description

Fenugreek, or Methi, is a very commonly found herb in India and it has been used from very ancient
time as herb and spice in India. Fenugreek seeds have many medicinal uses and it is wildly use to curb
stomach aches and are helpful for kidney troubles also. Fenugreek seeds help to reduce
menstrual cramps & other menopausal symptoms like stress, mood swings. Fenugreek Seeds is a
native to India and southern Europe and wildly cultivated in the wild India from Centuraries. Fenugreek
Seeds is a one of important ingredient in many dishes across the globe.

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