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Coriander powder

Coriander Powder helps to prevent food indigestion, bowel spasm, nausea, upset stomach, joint
pain, toothaches; loss of appetite, measles etc. It also helps in reducing the insulin level in a
balancing way.
Above all Ojya Coriander Powder brings out the fresh aroma and flavor in the food that makes your
food significantly tantalizing.
The Mediterranean herb was considered an aphrodisiac. Later the Romans introduced its roles as a
seasoning agent in food.

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Product Description

We are one of leading Coriander Powder exporter from India to all around the world.Coriander
Powder is an essential spice in the delicacies of Indian cuisine to enrich the dish more precisely.
Coriander Powder contributes a dynamic taste, flavor, and aroma to the Indian dishes. It is believed
to be one of the oldest seasonings.
Coriander Powder has been recognized both as a natural spice as well as an organic herb for the
healthy growth of mankind. Dhaniya powder as it is called in Hindi; Coriander Powder with the right
proportion gives body to any curry.
The use of coriander powder in Indian delicacies gives a characteristic flavor to every kind of Indian
food delicacies. Our product comes in the purest form. No saw dust or synthetic color is added to it.

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